About Us

      We are a small scale “kennel” and AKC Breeder of Merit Lagotto Breeder in north Georgia… kennel meaning our dogs live with us underfoot and in the house per our definition of kennel.  We only have 1 litter every 1-2 years so that we can spend the right amount of time training, raising, showing, and working our dogs.

      We DO NOT sell over the internet.  Our site is for educational purposes.

Our goals are to produce and raise healthy, happy dogs while striving for beautiful, intelligent, and energetic dogs – whether it is an Aussie or a Lagotto – that can live long, happy, and productive lives.  We believe in and participate in OFA, CERF, DNA, JE testing, LSD, and other certifications processes to ensure we are breeding the best to the best.

First and foremost, we breed for correct health and temperament combined with correct structure and soundness in movement.  According to standard, we very carefully select our dogs for breeding which means that sometimes we don’t always use the male we have here at home.  We also believe in temperament testing to ensure each puppy that is placed in a home is in the right home for the lifestyle of its new family as well as its new job description.  Our goal is to raise truffle dogs that are well rounded and can do it all and then come home and sit at your feet.  Beauty and brains seem a trite saying for such a dog whose life can impact families so immensely. To achieve our goals with temperament and training, we utilize Puppy Culture methods as well as Monks of New Skete ideology. Since our first Lagotto import, our program has become the gold standard not only for the Lagotto Breeder, but also for Lagotto in America.

We have had Aussies for over 30 years now and Lagotto for over 10 years. We started with our first Aussies on our farm growing up.  Then came college and a job and marriage… and a new pup.  We got into herding first then the conformation ring.  We have excelled in agility and rally and obedience.  And so we thought there was no other breed for us… until we met the Lagotto.  With the varied doggie interests our children have, we enjoy the training aspect immensely.  We are busy and so sometimes we use handlers to work or show our dogs.  We also love breeding as it gives us a great sense of fulfillment to see the results of a good breeding program come to fruition.

We have had many Champions result from our diligent breeding program as well as other titled dogs in other venues.  The primary goal of our kennel is to breed for our own purposes, striving for the Breed Standard as set forth by the Lagotto Club and AKC.  We are always planning litters from which we would like to keep puppies to continue the breed preservation.  Since we can’t keep entire litters, we endeavor to find working homes, be it truffle or therapy or the rare companion, that are as good as possible for the puppies. We seek homes where they are loved, taken care of, kept according to their needs, etc., in a word a “perfect owner” and moreover where the pup will achieve what it was bred to achieve.  We approve our puppy homes through a vigorous ‘vetting’ process starting with a Puppy Questionnaire with reference checks and then a phone interview and a face to face interview where we can meet each other and potential families can meet our dogs and puppies.  We NEVER sell over the internet.  Our site is for educational and informational purposes.

We hope that your visit to our site will be a blessing.  And we hope to hear from you if you are interested in discussing owning a Two By Two Lagotto.

Robert, Sonia, Noah and Selah

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