Our Dogs

From our humble beginnings to #1 All Breed Lagotto 2015!…Our foundation dogs were lovingly selected from kennels in Europe known for their high standards with health, excellent temperaments, and overall contribution to the preservation of the Lagotto. Since the earliest days of those import choices, we have endeavored to make choices for the breed that meant the BEST.

Being an AKC Breeder of Merit and an accomplished Lagotto Breeder, we strive for dogs that match the standard set forth by the Lagotto Club in all ways – coat, health, size, temperament, and overall breed stature. Our standard for health testing has been the goal of every other breeder, having been responsible for setting up testing for BFJe with Optigen, the first laboratory in America to test for BFJe.

Our dogs have been successful in many areas – agility, rally, obedience, conformation, scent tracking and truffle hunting, therapy, and most importantly as family companions, making us one of the premiere breeders of Lagotto in America. First and foremost, our dogs are family members. Our goal is a well rounded, healthy dog that can achieve anything we (or their new family) want to strive toward. Our breeding program reflects these goals and these are the dogs who make us who we are. Every aspect of our program from the Puppy Culture and Monks of New Skete methods we utilize in rearing our dogs to the time spent evaluating each puppy and dog in our program, to the time spent researching the Lagotto, cutting edge health and wellness for our dogs, and healthy dog food choices, all this translates into what you see here…OUR DOGS. And it translates into puppies that are the ideal family member. Known as the Lagotto, Lagotto Romagnolo, the Italian Water Dog, or the Truffle Dog, you will want to get to know them like we have.

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